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Scenes from the Book 'How to Lose Yourself in Volcano'

A documentary-style adventure of self-discovery, health, and fasting. Set on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

A travel adventure of a different kind. CS Schafer, a world traveler, an ex-pat in Asia for many years, had ended up on a big island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, known for its beautiful beaches, jungles, and active volcanos, on the world’s most active volcano, Kīlauea on Hawaii.
Most visitors are tourists, escaping their lives, seeking a vacation but with all the comforts of home; they desire it so much that they just want to go home in the end.
This book is not a travel guide but does describe, in detail, one of the best hiking trails in the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. This is a story of a travel philosophy that you can take home after you’re done. The adventure starts from the discipline of a traveler, taking it to a new level of experience. This new kind of traveler enjoys the trip more, travels light, and minimizes baggage. When the adventure takes you to an entirely new place, none of the default triggers will condition your habitual mind — it is the perfect opportunity to do some radical lifestyle changes while no one is looking. It is best to do this alone if you are courageous enough.
Read the story of the author’s approach to lifestyle travel as a way of life. Even if you don’t go to this island, you can apply this travel technique anywhere you go.
Something unusual happens when you go to someplace new, and as a traveler, a rolling stone, an adventurer, you become friendly to all those you encounter along the journey. You become the best version of yourself; you become a great listener, who is passionate about yourself and others.
Here is that kind of trip. Click the button on the right to get this book. Thank you.

How to Lose Yourself in Volcano is a short novella length memoir: a man’s transformation through a fasting method known as the 21-Day Process. The discipline of fasting is one of the easiest to follow with a huge payoff at the end and permanent shifts in personality. Lose the negative attitude, lose weight and gain self-confidence.


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